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My Adolescence

I had my adolescence when I was thirteen.

It started with acne that showed up on my face. It was very annoying. It lowered my self-esteem and I was embarrassed to come out of my house and play with friends.
Fortunately, my Mum gave me a good medicine. In three weeks, the acnes started to vanish although those showed some black spots in my face.

That was my bad experience with adolescence, though there were still lots of good experience too.
Analisa :
Orientation : Paragraf pertama, (I had my adolescence when I was thirteen)
Events : Paragraf kedua dan ketiga.
Reorientation : Paragraf keempat (terakhir)

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My Holiday in Bali
ditulis oleh Annisa Aulia Saharani

When I was 2nd grade of senior high school, my friends and I went to Bali. We were there for three days. I had many impressive experiences during the vacation.
First day, we visited Sanur Beach in the morning. We saw the beautiful sunrise together. It was a great scenery. Then, we checked in to the hotel. After prepared our selves, we went to Tanah Lot. We met so many other tourists there. They were not only domestic but also foreign tourists.
Second day, we enjoyed the day on Tanjung Benoa beach. We played so many water sports such as banana boat, jetsky, speedboat etc. We also went to Penyu island to see many unique animals. They were turtles, snakes, and sea birds. We were very happy. In the afternoon, we went to Kuta Beach to see the amazing sunset and enjoyed the beautiful wave.
The last day, we spent our time in Sangeh. We could enjoy the green and shady forest. There were so many monkies. They were so tame but sometimes they could be naughty. We could make a close interaction with them. After that, we went to Sukowati market for shopping. That was my lovely time. I bought some Bali T-Shirt and souvenirs.
In the evening, we had to check out from the hotel. We went back home bringing so many amazing memories of Bali.

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A Beautiful Day at Jogja
ditulis oleh Arsianti Dewi

Last week, my friends and I went to Jogja. We visited many places.

First, we visited Parangtritis beach. The sun shone brightly and the scenery was very beautiful there. We felt the wind blew across to us. We also saw a lot of people in that beach. There werw many birds flew in the sky. Also, there were many sellers who sold many kinds of souvenirs. Second, we visited Gembira Loka Zoo. We saw many kinds of animals there such as monkeys, tigers, crocodiles, snakes, etc. We looked around in that Zoo, and also took pictures of those animals. Then, we felt hungry, so we went to a restaurant. As soon as we finished our lunc, we decided to go home.
For me, that was a beautiful day. we really enjoyed it, and I hope I could visit Jogja again.

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My First Experience to Ride Motorcycle
ditulis oleh Resdwitarini
One day, when I was ten years old, my father bought an old motorcycle. That was " Honda 75". I think it was small light object and easy to ride it. I persuaded my father to teach me to ride " Honda 75 ". Firstly, my father refused my request and promised that he would teach me two or three years later, but I still whimpered. Finally, my father surrendered and promised to teach me.

He began to teach me riding the motorcycle around a field in my village. My father was very patient to give me some directions. I was very happy when I realized my ability to ride a motorcycle. " Yes, I can ".

One day later, when I was alone at home, I intended to try my riding ability. So, myself tried bravely. All ran fluently in the beginning, but when I was going back to my home and I must passed through a narrow slippery street, I got nervous. I lost my control and I fell to the ditch.

After that, I told my father about the last accident. I imagined my father would be angry and never let me ride again. But the reality is exactly on the contrary, my father was very proud of me. He just gave me some advices and since that accident, I got my father's permission to ride motorcycle.

Contoh Recount Text (5) - Diary

A Page from A Girl's Diary
ditulis oleh Pratama Lysa Hapsari

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008
It was takbiran night. It was also my birthday, and nothing happened. Or I had thought nothing would happen, but I was wrong.
That night, I was watching television with my family when I heard someone lit fireworks in my front yard. I peeped trough my window glass but could see nothing. It was very dark outside. Then I thought it had to be my cousins who lit the fireworks. Then I plopped down on my sofa again and tried to concentrate on the television since my mind raced with disappointment that no one gave something special on my birthday. I shrugged, it was almost the end of the day and I became pessimist. Five minutes later my mobile beeped. It was a text from my friend asking me to come out. Wondering what was going on, I grabbed my jacket and hurried to the front door. I was surprised to see her bring a bag full of firework and fire drills. Next I was surprised to see my other friend come out from the darkness. She brought a beautiful birthday cake on her hands. Oh my God! I shrieked. Then they gave the cake to me who was too stunned to say anything. I realized I was blushing furiously because my whole family was watching. Not to mention my neighbors too!
A plain day, or I thought it was before, turned out to be one of the greatest moment in my life. I didn’t even know how to describe what I felt. Happy was the simplest word.
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Generic Structure dari Recount Text

Generic Structure dari Recount Text

Generic structure (susunan umum) recount text ini terdiri dari:
  • Orientation tells who was involved, what happened, where the events took place, and when it happened. ("Orientation" menceritakan siapa saja yang terlibat dalam cerita, apa yang terjadi, di mana tempat peristiwa terjadi, dan kapan terjadi peristiwanya)
  • Events tell what happened and in what sequence. ("Event" menceritakan apa yang terjadi (lagi) dan menceritakan urutan ceritanya)
  • Reorientation consists of optional-closure of events/ending. ("Reorientation" berisi penutup cerita / akhir cerita)
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What is Recount Text ?

Recount bermakna :  "menceritakan".  Jadi recount text bisa diartikan sebagai "Text yang menceritakan". Jika mengacu pada keterangan di buku-buku sekolah (baca : Buku Bahasa Inggris SMP / SMA) recount text adalah a text that telling the reader about one story, action or activity. Its goal is to entertaining or informing the reader. (sebuah teks yang menceritakan sebuah cerita, aksi ataupun aktifitas. Tujuan recount text adalah untuk menghibur atau menginformasikan pembaca.)
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Ciri Ciri dan Jenis Protista

gb. protista

Dalam Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia protista diartikan sebagai golongan makhluk ( di samping dunia tumbuh-tumbuhan dan dunia hewan ), terdiri atas organisme yang mempunyai susunan biologi sederhana, meliputi protozoa, ganggang, jamur, dan bakteri.

Dalam klasifikasi system 6 Kingdom, Protista merupakan kingdom yang berdiri sendiri di antara ke-5 kingdom lainnya ( Archaeobacteria, Eubacteria, Monera, Plantae dan Animalia ).
Organisme yang termasuk dalam Kingdom Protista mempunyai ciri-ciri sebagai berikut:
  • Bersel satu ( uniseluler / monoseluler ) atau bersel banyak ( multiseluler )  yang masih belum terdiferensiasi
  • Sel termasuk tipe eukariotik ( memiliki dinding / membrane inti sel )
  •  Ada yang dapat membuat makanan sendiri ( autotrof , terutama fotoautotrof ) maupun tak dapat membuat makanan sendiri ( heterotrof, baik ada yang sebagai parasit , maupun ada juga yang sebagai saprofit )
  • Umumnya ditemukan di tempat yang lembab dan lingkungan berair. Beberapa di antaranya hidup diperairan air tawar maupun air laut.

  • Berkembang biak ( pada umumnya ) secara aseksual ( vegetatif ) dengan cara pembelahan sel, fragmentasi ( pada yang hidup berkoloni ). Dan secara seksual ( generatif ) dengan cara konjugasi, peleburan gamet sederhana.
Secara umum Protista dibedakan menjadi 3 kelompok yaitu Protista mirip hewan ( Protozoa , dulu sering disebut sebagai hewan bersel satu ), Protista mirip tumbuhan ( Alga / ganggang ) dan Protista mirip jamur.
Beberapa contoh organism yang termasuk dalam kelompok Protista mirip hewan antara lain : Amoeba sp, Paramaecium caudatum, Plasmodium malariae dan lain sebagainya.
Sedang kan contoh organism yang termasuk dalam kelompok Protista mirip tumbuhan, antara lain : Chlorella, Spirogyra sp, Eucheuma spinosum dan lain sebagainya.
Sementara itu, contoh organism yang termasuk kelompok Protista mirip jamur , antara lain : Saprolegnia, Pytophora sp, Pythium, dan lainnya. 
Gambar diambil dari :
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Langkah Menulis Resensi Buku

Berikut 7 Tips Menulis Resensi Buku:
1. Cari dan tentukan buku baru nonfiksi yang akan kita resensi.
2. Catatlah identitas buku yang akan kita resensi, seperti jenis buku, judul buku, nama pengarang, nama penerbit, tahun terbit, tahun cetak, jumlah halaman, jenis kertas dan harga buku.
3. Catat dan pahami tujuan dan latar belakang penulisan buku, dengan cara membaca kata pengantar atau pendahuluan buku.
Apa tema atau inti isi buku?
Apa yang ingin disampaikan pengarang melalui bukunya? Pada bagian ini, kita dapat menyampaikannya menjadi ikhtisar buku.
4. Buatlah daftar pokok-pokok isi buku secara keseluruhan.
5. Tentukan kelebihan dan kekurangan isi buku, dengan memperhatikan hal-hal berikut:
a) Apakah ide-ide pokok yang diuraikan sesuai dengan tujuan penulisan buku?
b) Apakah pengungkapan ide-ide pokok dalam buku tersebut tersusun secara sistematik? Apakah antara bagian satu dengan bagian lainnya tersusun secara harmonis?
c) Apakah bahasa yang digunakan penulis mudah dipahami? (pilihan kata, struktur kalimatnya, gaya bahasanya, dan lain-lain).
6. Reproduksi hasil catatan kita dalam bentuk tulisan resensi dengan menggunakan bahasa kita sendiri secara runtut dan jelas, dengan memperhatikan penulisan tanda baca yang benar.
7. Pada akhir resensi berilah saran dan kesimpulan, apakah buku yang kita resensi tersebut layak dibaca atau tidak.
Demikian 7 Tips Menulis Resensi, semoga bermanfaat.
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Aturan Penulisan Judul

Huruf kapital dipakai sebagai huruf pertama semua kata (termasuk semua
unsur kata ulang sempurna) di dalam judul buku, majalah, surat kabar, dan
makalah, kecuali kata tugas seperti di, ke, dari, dan, yang, dan untuk yang
tidak terletak pada posisi awal.
Saya telah membaca buku Dari Ave Maria ke Jalan Lain ke Roma.
Bacalah majalah Bahasa dan Sastra.
Dia adalah agen surat kabar Sinar Pembangunan.
Ia menyelesaikan makalah "Asas-Asas Hukum Perdata".
(Dikutip dari Pedoman Umum Ejaan Bahasa Indonesia yang Disempurnakan Tahun 2009, halaman 11)
Jadi, aturan penulisan judul karangan dapat diuraikan sebagai berikut:
    1.      Huruf  pertama kata diawali dengan huruf kapital, kecuali kata tugas (kata depan/kata penghubung). Kata tugas yang  sering dipakai dalam judul karangan antara lain: di, ke, dari, dan, yang, untuk, daripada, dengan, pada, dalam.
    2.      Kata ulang sempurna kedua katanya diawali huruf kapital. Misalnya, Undang-Undang, Wilayah-Wilayah, Wanita-Wanita.
    3.      Kalau kata tugas terletak di posisi awal, ditulis dengan huruf kapital.
Contoh-contoh penulisan judul karangan:
    1.      Teknik Pemintalan Benang dengan Teknologi Sederhana
    2.      Pendekatan Tanpa Kekerasan pada Anak Didik
    3.      Manajemen Waktu dalam Rumah Tangga
    4.      Menulis Laporan Keuangan untuk Perusahaan Kecil
    5.      Pengolahan Sampah Rumah Tangga yang Efektif
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Contoh Naskah Pidato

Pidato Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Sunda Juga Pidato Bahasa Inggris, Silahkan Memilihnya sesuai dengan kebutuhannya.
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